SEMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Welcome to the Transportation Improvement Program of the Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization (SEMPO).  Also known as the “TIP”, the Transportation Improvement Program is a four-year schedule of transportation projects that are within SEMPO’s planning area and involve federal transportation funds.  The TIP covers all modes of transportation and includes both capital and non-capital projects.  SEMPO produces a new TIP every four years and makes amendments and administrative modifications as needed.  By law, all projects in the TIP must be fiscally constrained (i.e. funding has been committed) and incorporated into the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) upon approval.

TIP information may be accessed by selecting from the following options in the menu at the top of this page:

Document Library allows viewing of original TIPs as well as amendments and administrative modifications.

Search Projects allows viewing of detailed information on individual projects.

Map allows viewing of project locations in a graphical format as well as accessing individual project information.

For questions about the TIP or assistance with using this site, please contact SEMPO.